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Why SIS?

Cracked Asphalt


Breaking Insurance Stereotypes

Why is insurance important?


Insurance measures risk to the owner and helps mitigate those risks to minimize financial loss. 

Insurance strengthens your bottom line!

Strategic Insurance Services was born out of the need to help small to medium size businesses that

work in certain high-risk industries, understand and manage their risk management needs. Over

time we found that we were really good at "Hard to Place" risk, like construction,

and we found a niche' in Excess and Surplus lines.

Why is SIS unique?

  • We specialize in "Hard to Place Risk"
  • We offer Unique Products and Concierge Programs
  • We offer Education, Community, and Relationship Opportunities to promote SIS Client's Business Growth
Learn more about the SIS Team, our Insurance Carriers,
and read what current clients have to say about SIS!
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