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Offering a 10-2 Structural Warranty? 

Through no fault of your own, a home can develop a structural defect OR a homeowner could perceive normal settling as a structural issue. Either way let our SISWarranty+ program protect you from those situations. Unlike other warranty companies, we not only issue a 10-2 structural warranty but  you will have a dedicated Warranty Manager who will assist you with as little or as much of the paperwork and follow-up as you want, so it doesn't become "just another thing to worry about". 

Women Contractors working in a framed home.


Business  Insurance for Your Company

Strategic Insurance Services specializes in Hard to Place Risk. Although we can write any type of insurance, we offer several programs to fit businesses that have difficulty getting insurance through the standard markets. We offer all coverages such as  General Liability, Builders Risk, Wraps, Bonds, Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto and MORE... Let us know how we can assist you today.


Let SIS Manage Your Sub Contractors Certificates 

Getting a certificate of insurance from your sub contractors may be easy, but knowing their coverage's is not!

Are you asking:

  •  To be added as an Additional Insured for COMPLETED OPERATIONS?

  • For Primary and Non-Contributory wording and Waiver of Subrogation in Favor of YOU?

  • Do you know what exclusions are in the policy that might affect coverages for your job?

  • Are there diminishing limits due to claims already paid out?


Let SIS manage your sub contractors insurance certificates. Our system takes the contractor and sub contractor out of the process and works directly with the sub contractors' insurance agent. 

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