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Welcome Builders!

To SISCerts+

Need a brief refresher? Watch this!

What We Need From You!

ALL items REQUIRED to begin the tracking process:

  1. Premium settlement for 1st year service

    1. ​Invoice will be emailed directly to you

  2. Signed SISCerts+ Contract

    1. Contract will be emailed directly to you 

  3. Signed SISCerts+ Disclaimer

  4. Your Subcontractor list in an Excel spreadsheet.

    1. If the list is not provided in the format requested an additional $250 will apply for us to format. 

    2. Upload Here!       

  5. An email from you to your subcontractors giving them permission to comply with our request.

    1. Please see an example you may use, here.

      1. We recommend sending the example to your subcontractors letting them know that SISCerts+/ Strategic Insurance Services will be contacting them and that you authorize them to release their insurance to us.  

  6. Your Subcontractor Agreement.

    1. Upload Here!

  7. Certificates already collected. (Not required but helpful)​​

Please watch this video to get a better understanding of what we are looking for...














Once we receive ALL of the above items, your part is almost finished!  


On our end, we will begin to: 


  1. Create your personalized account. 

  2. Upload subcontractor list into the account. 

  3. Contact subcontractors, via email, to request their insurance providers information or ask them to forward the email request. 

  4. Monitor and follow-up with subcontractors to make sure they receive & forward the request. 

  5. Monitor and follow-up with subcontractor’s insurance agent to obtain necessary documents. 

  6. Review subcontractor’s insurance for major exclusions and ask for endorsements when needed. 

  7. Provide weekly update throughout the first 30 days. Then bi-weekly    

**NOTE: After receiving all REQUIRED information, it will take approximately 4 weeks to build the platform and send out the first insurance request. 


Please call with any questions.  We look forward to serving you!

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