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Meet the SIS Team

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Stephanie Beninati


Stephanie Beninati is the Broker/Owner of Strategic Insurance Services and has been assisting the Construction and Real Estate Community with their insurance and warranty needs since the late 90's. Stephanie started SIS in 2013 when she saw a need for educating clients not just selling them insurance. 

Stephanie has been an active member of her community, sitting on the Board of Directors for the Home Builders Associations of Metro Denver, The Home Builders Foundation & The Construction Resource Group, where she was a founding member.  

Stephanie lives in Denver with her husband, Michael Beninati. They also have a home at Lake of the Ozarks, MO where she also has a license to sell insurance. In fact, SIS is licensed in 26 states and writes all types of hard to place risk.


Peter Palmer

Regional Director

Peter, the Regional Director at SIS, is a true embodiment of leadership and expertise in the insurance industry, with his influence reaching far beyond the confines of the office. His residence in Boulder, Colorado, allows him the perfect backdrop to harmonize his work and personal life.


A passionate bluegrass mandolin player, Peter immerses himself in the soulful melodies that resonate with the strings of his instrument, providing a creative outlet that complements his professional rigor. His love for the great outdoors is equally profound. He frequently escapes to the serene and scenic trails around Boulder, indulging in hikes that not only challenge his physical stamina but also provide him with the tranquility and reflection needed to maintain balance in his life. These hobbies, deeply ingrained in the culture and nature of Colorado, give Peter a unique perspective that he brings back to his role at SIS, enriching his approach to leadership and strategic thinking.


Amy Saed

Client Relations Manager

Amy is an analytical, results-driven economics and development graduate. Eager to utilize her communication and
interpersonal skills through experience to bring strategic value in the field of client support, retention, and engagement. An
experienced individual with exposure in the corporate, business, and development sectors who loves building
relationships at all levels. 

Amy is an avid painter who enjoys travelling, eating out with friends, and evening walks with her cat.


Kali S.

Finance & Marketing Executive

Kali, a dynamo in Finance and Marketing, skillfully unites the exacting world of finance with the imaginative realm of marketing campaigns. Her acumen in navigating through complex financial data is as impressive as her knack for crafting compelling marketing narratives.


Outside the office, Kali's passions are just as diverse and enriching. She immerses herself in the literary universe, turning the pages of intriguing books that captivate her imagination. Her artistic side flourishes as she indulges in coloring, bringing life to art with vibrant hues and a creative spirit.


Michael Beninati


Meet Michael Beninati, SIS's visionary leader! Balancing a passion for insurance innovation with real estate, Michael thrives on challenges.


When he’s not shaping the insurance landscape, he's embracing the great outdoors. Whether it's carving through fresh mountain snow on his board, riding the waves on his stand-up paddleboard, or relaxing on his boat under the sun, Michael's love for adventure is as boundless as his professional drive. He's the embodiment of leading by example, both in and out of the office!  


Craig Wallace

Regional Director

Craig, serving as the Regional Director at Strategic Insurance Services, is not only a mastermind in the realm of insurance innovation but also a passionate real estate aficionado. His expertise in the insurance sector is marked by a drive for regional excellence and a knack for creative problem-solving.


Outside the office, Craig immerses himself in the dynamic world of real estate, continually seeking new opportunities and insights. His loyal canine companion is always by his side, sharing in both professional milestones and real estate adventures. Together, they navigate the complexities of insurance and real estate, bringing a unique and personal touch to every endeavor. Craig's blend of professional acumen and personal passions makes him a distinguished figure in his field.


Dale Rashid

Client Relations Manager

Dale is a dedicated, highly resourceful professional, with a background in Business and Management. He brings his A-game and a diversified skill-set to every challenge at hand. Dale has experience in Client Relations, PR, Project Management, and the Insurance sector. He commands excellent coordination, leadership, and managerial skills, ensuring that tasks reach completion flawlessly.

Dale is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer who enjoys collaborating globally with musicians when he isn't too busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen for friends and family.


Chris Cox


Chris and his team at Kimcox form the backbone of the SIS accounting department.  Chris brings more than a decade of experience to the table and strives to provide superior customer service, accurate accounting, and on-demand support for SIS.


The Kimcox team is here to help with any accounts receivable or payable questions.

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