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Making a Difference with Modular Homes

Audree Grubesic, owner of Modular Sure Site, comes from a background of engineering and publishing. She eventually went into home sales and instantly connected with women. They gravitated toward her asking her questions because they didn’t know much about building or what it entailed. She shortly begin to realize that she would eventually have a connection to the construction industry, noting, “Home is where the heart is when you’re a mom and have children. It’s the place where everyone connects and it’s the place where you want to feel most comfortable.” Audree loves being a part of one of the biggest purchases in someone’s life and helping them find a “home” resonates with her.

Audree worked on the luxury side of the construction industry for many years and although it was great she could never afford any of those homes, at $600,000+, and neither could several of her clients. After working with a client who owned land but became frustrated because they couldn’t build a house for $200,000-$300,000, it became clear to her that there had to be another solution.

The birth of Modular Sure Site came through the realization that there was a shortage of affordable homes that were currently on the market. Through her own personal experience and lifestyle, knowing that the luxury of building a brand new home for $250,000-$300,000 would be wonderful, she began to look into the process of off-site construction and found that this dream could be a reality. As she learned more about the process, she realized that there is a way for people to have a brand new, affordable homes. “People can actually buy their land, through assistance programs, [and so many other options,]… they are just unaware of these options and don’t realize that they can have a brand new home and actually afford it.”

Audree believes, “People are really interested in modular and want to know more but they are also leery of it.” She expressed, “It is scary because it is not the norm, no one knows enough about it to know if it is a viable option or a good product. However, in Europe and Australia close to 80% of the homes are built in factories. So this is not a foreign concept. It is common as the conditions outside don’t allow for the ability to get products to certain areas so they all have prefab or modular homes that are designed… The price point works. You can purchase a home for $175,000 and it is brand new. It is constructed with 30% more material, you still can pick out your own finishings and put your own touch on it. It makes it affordable and it is now an option instead of renting. You can have somewhere affordable to raise your family and live.”

Currently Audree is working on a modular home project to in the ski area of Colorado. These are usually multi-million dollar homes and now she is realizing that the idea of being able to build a custom modular home is an exclusive area is such an amazing concept to be a part of, eliminating a lot of the restrictions and constraints that come with building in these areas. At the end of the day, Audree realized that for builders this is even a smart way to plan in regard to budgeting. After meeting with several builders on a project and learning from them and what they can do and bring to the her modular world, she realized that you can have these conversations and walk away knowing exactly what you are going to need to spend on a home based on the budget set.

Acknowledging a Shortage and the Willingness to Train Women to Understand Construction

Audree works with several women, many of them previous school teachers, who want a change in career. She empowers and educates them through her personally designed Construction 101 courses. “I am personally on this mission to find amazing women that want to work, that are highly educated, that want to do something other than what they have done before, or have done for 20 years and they want something new to do,” Audree shares. She wants to see more women excel in construction and realize that their skill set is definitely needed in the construction industry. She also acknowledges, “the idea to buy a new home as a women is intimidating so being able to empower and educate women buyers is a great thing.”

Connect with Audree and Modular Sure Site on any of the following social media platforms:

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