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Falling in Love With Construction

Every person has a connection to the construction industry. We are all physically attached to some element of the construction world by the homes we live in, the buildings and stores we regularly visit, the many structures we admire from afar and residences we look at in awe of their beauty. There is an amazing art behind it all that easily goes unnoticed every day.

The world of construction is definitely something to fall in love with when we give it a moment’s thought. So, this Valentine's Day let's explore some miraculous architecturally constructed works of art from different parts of the world, along with some of the things we love about construction, that will make falling in love with construction effortless!

1. Vision - The wonderful thing about construction is that is allows individuals to conceptualize a project and see it through to the end. You actually get to see your work come to life from the design just being an idea to the actual piecing together of each intricate part. The experience is captivating.

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain is still under construction as an absolutely breath-taking. This great work of art broke ground on construction in 1882 and is scheduled to be completed in 2026.

Architect: Antoni Gaudi (conception)


2. Ownership - Construction allows you to create an environment that someone can fall in love with. People actual occupy what you create and you realize that you affect peoples lives every day.

The Opera House and Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Austrailia was a design by architect Jorn Utzon that was rejected three times. The fourth time was the charm. The Harbour Bridge was constructed in 1932 and is one of the world’s largest steel arch bridges.

Architects: Jorn Utzon (Opera House); John Bradfield, Ralph Freeman, Thomas S. Tait (Harbour Bridge)

Image: Sydney Opera House

3. Relationships - The relationships you build within the construction industry create forever-connections. You meet and network with so many different people from builders, to architects, subcontractors, designers, project managers and more. It is wonderful to have such an array of talent in one industry and watch it all come together.

Yellow Crane Pagado in Wuhan, China has existed in various forms since 233 AD, with its latest structure being built in 1981.

Architect: Sun Quan

Image: Travel China Guide

4. Collaboration - Every project is different across the board and this is because of the collaboration from all the moving pieces and different players. It makes each project exciting, new, fresh and fun. Again, you actually get to see your teamwork come to life!

With on of the world’s largest observation decks, the Shanghai Tower (far right) in China stands tall at 2,073 ft. It is also the world’s second highest building.

Architects: Marshall Strabala, Arthur Gensler, Jun Xia

Image: Skyscraper Center

5. Legacy - Some structures leave their mark on this earth for quite some time, if not forever. They are recalled and visited for years to come. Construction always leaves a mark on the future because it is a piece of art that will more than likely be around for decades.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia is actually nine churches in one designed by architects who were blind. Its original title is “The Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat” This amazing site is over 455 years old.

Architects: Postnik Yakovlev, Ivan Barma

Image: Wikipedia

6. Cutting Edge - The future of construction is so vast. The introduction of new technology is fascinating and the opportunities are literally endless as both fields, technology and construction, advance.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates the Burj Khalifa host the most record breaking structure in the world with the following world records: Tallest building, tallest free-standing structure, highest number of stories, highest occupied floor and many more. Towering at 2716.5 feet, it is definitely something to look up to.

Architects: Adrian Smith, William F. Baker, George J. Efstathiou, Marshall Strabala


7. Timeless - There is always a way to bring in the old and connect it to the new, and vice versa. Together, the art of construction can emerge, grow, change, expand and become different and wonderful each and every time. As long as there is a concept, it can come alive. Anyone can be a part of the construction industry!

Walt Disney Opera House in Los Angeles, California honoring the late Walt Disney with a $50 million gift from Lillian Disney (widow of Walt Disney) to initiate the project. This is the largest gift for a cultural building given in the United States.

Architect: Frank Gehrya

Image: Architectural Digest

These artistic masterpieces are just a few of the many stunning constructed works from around the world. Falling in love with this industry is fun and exciting with so many visual aspects drawing us in.

What structures or homes are you in awe of every time you see them? We would love to know some of your favorites. Share them below!

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