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Strategic Insurance Services Has so Much MORE in Store for 2018!

A new year brings about new motivation, new opportunities, the chance to build new relationships and grow current relationships, and the decision to learn new things. As Strategic Insurance Services (SIS) starts 2018, we are thrilled to offer our clients, both current and potential, so much MORE! A new look, new programs, an amazing team, with customer service and relationships at the forefront of what the SIS mission, to be MORE than Insurance, stands for. This the inspiration behind SIS offering MORE!

Our SISBusiness+ program offers one of the best in all-inclusive business and construction insurance coverage. Working in connection with our SISCerts+ and SISWarranty+ programs giving you the most comprehensive and hands-off experience for your business. Our concierge managers do all the work for you so you can focus on what matters most to you, your business!

Additionally, SIS wants to make sure we can provide coverage for everything you need and love. With our SISPersonal+ program we are able to help protect you beyond your business with home, auto, life, plus disability coverage and so much more.

To learn more about our programs please check out our website, follow us on social media, and sign up for our newsletter.

We can’t wait for you to be a part of the SIS family!

M – Motivation

O – Opportunity

R – Relationships

E - Education

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