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Spring 2017


Stephanie Beninati has been assisting the construction community with their insurance and warranty needs for a decade. In 2013 Stephanie started Strategic Insurance Services, SIS. They provide educational programs and strengthen industry alliances; SIS’s goal is to create a coalition with other business owners to become a resource to clients. Her clients have come to her for recommendations on everything from attorneys, to framers and roofers and even once, a babysitter.


CBF : What took you down this career path?

SB:  Accepting an invitation to a dinner party 10 years ago set me on this trajectory. I met a person who offered me a job in the industry. Selling insurance and starting my own business was a natural (not easy) progression. 

CBF:  Who do you most admire?

SB:  My husband. When we first got married, like so many Americans we lost our jobs, our savings and almost lost our house. In the middle of all that, he was always there to help someone less fortunate or lend a hand where he could.

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