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We are working with OUR CLIENT to collect and verify your insurance requirements.  

In an effort to free up your time, we would be willing to make this insurance request directly to your insurance agent on your behalf.

If you would like us to do that, please complete the simple Agent Information Form below to give us the following information: 


  • Insurance Agency Name

  • Insurance Agents Name 

  • Contact Email 

  • Contact Phone




Thank you for your time.  We will contact you if we have any further questions!


We have been hired to collect and verify the insurance requirements for our client.  We need the following information

  1. Completed Certificate of Insurance

  2. Completed Compliance Statement

  3. If NO Worker's Compensation, Completed Independent Contractor Form

Video Explainer - How to Create a Certificate of Insurance & Declaration of Independent Contractor Form

View Sample Certificate Here

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View Declaration of Independent Contractor Status Form

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Video Explainer - How to Create a Certificate of Insurance

View Compliance Statement

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View Sample Endorsements

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