• Certificate of Insurance & Additional Insured Request

    A document issued by an insurance company/broker that is used to verify the existence of insurance coverage under specific conditions granted to listed individuals. More specifically, the document lists the effective date of the policy, the type of insurance coverage purchased, and the types and dollar amount of applicable liability.

  • Loss Run Request

    Insurance loss runs are reports that detail insurance claims a person or business has had during their policy period. They’re used both as an update for the insured and as an underwriting tool for insurance companies to decide whether to continue writing insurance for the client or not. Insurance companies also use them to assess the risk level of a potential new client.

  • No Loss Letter

    A letter stating that you have not had any losses as best as you know. This may suffice for a quote but actual loss Runs will be needed to bind unless you have not had previous insurance.

  • Broker of Record

    A broker of record is an agent designated by the policy holder to represent and manage the policyholder’s insurance policy.

    NOTE: Signing this Broker of record letter acknowledges Strategic Insurance as your Broker. Your current broker WILL get notice of these changes and they will have Five business days to release the insured from their agency.

Applications (PDF Format)

All other applications MUST be submitted with the General Liability application for a quote!

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