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Strategic Insurance Service’s Story

Strategic Insurance Services was born out of the need to provide the building community and other business professionals the most comprehensive insurance while doing it in a friendly knowledgeable manner. SIS specializes in helping our clients across the United States with ALL their insurance needs. Our goal is simple: Find the best insurance possible at the lowest possible cost.The Insurance Market for the building community is forever changing. It takes constant research and development of new programs and program changes in order to keep up to date with new developments. SIS strives to stay on top of the ever changing Insurance Market in order to offer our building community the best rates & coverage available in the marketplace.

In addition to offering insurance products we also try to be on the cutting edge all types of Risk Management tools and to be a resource to our clients. We do this by being active in the community; continually educating ourselves and aligning with other industry professionals to create an alliance within the building community.

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